Zolfaghari House
Zanjan, Iran (Islamic Republic of)


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Zolfaghari house is one the old buildings of Zanjan city. It has been constructed at the end of Qajars period (about 85 years ago) as a residential house for the Zolfaghari family (the biggest feudal of Zanjan region) but now it is used as a museum.

The location of the center of the old tissue sampling Taleghani Avenue (former source) and its architecture is attributed to the late Qajar period. Iranian building plans and construction of buildings in the Gothic style has been imitated in Europe. The edifice of the building exterior, interior and office formed its view on the brick mold and decorations.

The core of this mansion-style building with a domed roof made of heavy Chhartaqy pier's roof and walls are load bearing. Outer gable roof is that it was not until the construction of the city of interest Decorating monument's. The symmetry of the pillars of Iranian art and architecture of 19th century Europe was affected. The windows are more than two leaf margins are netted with colored glass inside the room have created an interesting coincidence.

The building is now a museum to hold the salt men discovered the salt mine village "Chhrabad" has become initially as the house family Zolfaghari large landowners who were made ​​famous Zanjan.