Tomb of Baba Taher
Hamedan, Iran (Islamic Republic of)


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The Tomb of Baba Taher is located near the northern entrance of the city of Hamadan in Western Iran, in a park, surrounded by flowers and winding paths. The structure consists of twelve external pillars surrounding a central tower. It was reconstructed in 1970.

Baba Taher was an 11th-century poet in Persian literature and an Iranian mystic. According to L. P. Elwell-Sutton he probably wrote in the local dialect, which "Most traditional sources call it loosely Lorī, while the name commonly applied from an early date to verses of this kind, fahlavīyāt, presumably implies that they were thought to be in a language related to the Middle Iranian dialect Pahlavi. Roubène Abrahamian however found a close affinity with the dialect spoken at the present time by the Jews of Hamadān.

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