Zoroastrian Fire Temple
Yazd, Iran (Islamic Republic of)


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Ateshkade (Fire Temple)- a Zoroastrian temple with an eternal flame said to have burned for more than 1500 years.The sacred flame of the temple, which is considered to be the symbol of the God of Light, has been burning for the past 3000 years, which makes the place one of the most important fire temples for the Zoroastrians, so that the believers from the whole world come to venerate the sacred and eternal fire. This fire temple is located on a hill in a small garden and is surrounded by evergreen trees. There is also a large round pool in the courtyard, which offers a vivid reflection of the temple for artistic photography. A couple of paintings, including the Zoroaster’s, can be pointed out as another attraction of the place. The initiated meet at the fire, but nobody apart form the Grand Priest, who is a descendant of the Magi, has access to the Saint of Saints. There exists a winged figure atop the facade as well. This figure is the visual representation of the supreme god in Zoroastrianism.